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These are all my posts about my further education. I started with BA (Hons) History with the Open University in 2010 and graduated 2015 with a first class degree.

I am currently studying Twentieth Century History MA at University of Liverpool.

Below you will find all of my university posts. They have been written over a number of years and reflect my thoughts, fears, aspirations as I continue with my education. I have always been a busy parent and worked as I have been doing my degrees, so the posts reflect the difficulties of this. If you have any queries you can email me

University of Liverpool - History PhD 

PhD Funding Success
On doing a PhD with three kids and all that...

University of Liverpool - Twentieth Century History MA

Starting Uni as a Post Grad
The MA: One Month In
The MA: Three Months In
How it is doing an MA with three kids, a job and a blog
Identity Crisis, Direction and Change
The Time Thief
What Education Means To Me

Open University History (BA Hons)

Hurray! My Open University Graduation

A327: Europe 1914 - 1989: war, peace, modernity

A327 - Getting a Head-Start
A327 - TMA 01
A327 TMA 01 Results and on to TMA 02
A327: Being a Student
A327 and Degree Complete!

A326 - Empire

TMA 06 and the Dreaded EMA
Stick a Fork In Me...I'm DONE

This post is a full-on 'review' of sorts of the course, written after I had finished. I tried to pack this full of hints and tips to help people, as I really enjoyed this course but it was quite the rollercoaster ride! I hope this is helpful. I had just had Alice when I started this one, so it was quite good to just switch off from new-mum mode and stick my head in these books.

A200 - Exploring History - Medieval to Modern

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  1. You are doing really well! I did the first module - Introduction to Social Science, all I remember was it was all about Cardiff but never got further than that. I think it was because there wasn't that contact with other people I found it hard to stay motivated.


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