Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Experience Days

As we are a family of 5, with numerous aunts and uncles and other family members with birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas-es - I am often on the look out for alternative gifts. We all know we love socks and smellies as gifts, but sometimes it is a good idea to try and look for something just a little bit different.

We are lucky that we do get to try out lots of different things. We are always at pantomimes, break-out rooms, shows and even sledging on fake snow!

I had read about hot air balloon experiences. These look really great and this is something that could be done as a family. I had also looked into spa days, which would also be great for when the kids are a little bit bigger. Some of my family members are real thrill-seekers and would love to do some kind of extreme sport or thrill-seeking experience, I know they have tried out sky-diving and hang-gliding - this is not for the feint hearted.

As for me, I'm a little bit old fashioned and like to keep things simple. Give me a book and some perfume any day as a present and I am more than happy! However, I am still thinking on cool presents for family members! I had thought about booking a driving experience, as I have heard that these can also be great fun.

What type of experience days are your favourite? It definitely is something worth looking in to!

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