Thursday, 22 February 2018

Review: Bettybox

We were excited to review Bettybox  - a subscription service where you receive a box of goodies just before that time of the month. It can get a big miserable around that time of the month and the thought of receiving a few goodies along with any protection that you need sounds like a great idea to me.

Inside our Betty Box we found the following:

* Face wash
* Kiwi shaped eye masks
* Herbal teabag
* Luxury chocolate
* Scalp and hair mask
* Lipgloss
* Selection of sanitary products

The products were all high quality and the contents have a real "treat" feel to them.

We loved how everything in the box was packaged so beautifully and there was also some information about periods and that time of the month, which I thought was a really lovely touch, especially if you have teenagers in your life who might be feeling a bit worried or anxious.

I also loved the website. It contains a lot of advice relating to teenagers and some fun stuff too. I pointed my eldest in the direction of the website, as I think sometimes teens do not want to talk to their parents about some things it is much easier to read about them online such as body issues or problems with friends. I love that the cursor is actually a tampon too - I like the idea of completely normalising periods and paraphernalia, and a bit of humour goes a long way too!

The box is sent by subscription with the price starting from £12.99 per month with discounts if you subscribe for longer periods of time. I think this is good value. It is more than you would pay for your standard sanitary products, but I think if you bought a subscription for a teen in your life then they would absolutely love receiving this every month, and it would put a smile on their face at a time that can be awkward and sometimes difficult. 

Bettybox have also provided me with a really great discount code for new customers. To receive 20% off just enter bb20 at the checkout!

You can check out Bettybox subscription options here.

Disclosure: We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words and views are our own.

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