Monday, 6 November 2017

Review: Awesome Walls Liverpool

Over this half term we were delighted to be asked to visit Clip N Climb at Awesome Walls Climbing Centre in Liverpool. If ever there was something different that we could try with the kids while they were off school - then this was it!

Awesome Walls is housed in a 150 year old church with 1,000 square metres of space and a variety of different walls to suit all abilities. We were invited to review the Clip N Climb experience - suitable for children over the age of four and including lots of wacky, fun coloured and textured walls for the kids to tackle!

When we first entered the building at our allotted time, we were amazed by the number of different walls available that will suit anybody - from the first time climber to the more advanced. The first thing we did was listen to a safety briefing where it was explained to us where was safe to walk and which areas we should avoid, as there were a lot of children all together and our kids were beginner-climbers. The instructors then strapped the kids into their safety harnesses before letting them loose on the climbing walls themselves.

Alice is 6 and is a bit more of a dare-devil than Rosie, but even she was in awe of the height of some of the walls, but this did not prevent her from giving it a go after some cajoling from the friendly hands-on instruction team. Alice managed to scale one of the walls right to the top and press the red button!

Rosie is 4 and found it a bit harder going but still managed to get at least half way up most of the walls. All you could hear from all of the children involved (and especially our two) were screams of laughter and excitement. Their massive smiles as they left and questions in the car on the way home of "when can we go again?" told us everything we need to know about how much they enjoyed it!

We would definitely recommend this as a day out. The kids had ab absolute blast. Admission starts at £.4.50 for under-7s and there are a variety of taster sessions and membership options available that you can check out on their website.

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