Thursday, 18 May 2017

Review: Super Geek Heroes

We are very keen to get our girls involved in watching educational programmes. They are pretty normal kids, they like watching cartoons and people unwrapping surprise eggs on Youtube, but they also watch educational shows, especially ones with characters they can really get on board with. We were very excited to be able to review the new Super Geek Heroes TV show.

The Super Geek Heroes are a group of unique super-kids who have a passion for learning. What I find great about these characters is that their super-powers are directly related to the specific development areas of the early years foundation stage:

* Personal, Social and Emotional Development
* Understanding the World
* Communication and Language
* Literacy
* Numeracy
* Physical Development
* Creative Arts and Design

As a parent, before we even review the show, it pleases me that the makers have really thought about the development of the characters to correspond with key areas that we all want our children to develop and have an interest in.

I sat and watched a few of these videos with Rosie and Alice - who were more than willing to tell me their opinions! They really enjoyed the content, the characters and colourful images on screen. We loved the characters, with their individuality and enthusiasm. Rosie loved Millie Maths the best - she enjoyed learning about how to tell the time, and Alice really loved Peter Planet and enjoyed watching a video about all the continents in the world.

We really enjoyed these videos and they are definitely something that we would continue to watch. They are informative, fun, and most of all, the kids really enjoyed the characters, which is so important at this age.

If you would like to check out and subscribe to the new Super Geek Heroes channel, do follow the link.

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