Monday, 13 February 2017

Sleep Posture to Support Your Spine

As a very busy parent, sleep means a lot to me. I know that sounds a bit weird, but having had all of the sleepless nights with young children and now managing the home, working and doing my degree, it's really important that I get a good night's sleep. I must admit, I am a bit of a night owl and I don't get that many hours sleep. In fact, I used a sleep app last week and I averaged about five hours a night, which is not great, but I seem to function quite well on that.
What I think is important about my sleep pattern is that I sleep soundly. I rarely wake in the night and I hope that I don't toss and turn too much!

The kids' sleep is quite another matter. They are up and down before they have even nodded off. You can imagine the kind of requests we get - "Mummy can I have a drink?" "Mummy can I have some supper!" The list really is never-ending with them. However, eventually they do fall asleep and only sometimes wake up at an ungodly hour and get in with us. We can cope with that!

Research suggests that a good posture in bed is helpful for a restful night's sleep. I think especially as we age things ache and creak - a good night's sleep with good posture could probably work wonders.
Adjustamtic beds have been created to help you do just that. Check out this video to see what they say about posture in bed:

Sleep is so important. I know that with our busy lifestyles and running around it is something that we don't get enough of. We work late, we're up early and we're in bed late. Sleep posture has really got me thinking and has really make me think about the importance of posture, to make the most of that sleepy time!

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Adjustamatic. All words and views are my own.

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