Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Diary Decorating with Gel-A-Peel!

We love crafting. As much as we enjoy taking the kids out at weekends, sometimes there is nothing better than sitting in together and enjoying some crafts. Now, I never said we were good at crafting - I just said we enjoy it - there is a big difference!
On a quiet, rainy Sunday we were chuffed to be supplied with a Gel-A-Peel kit and a blank diary for us to decorate. Gel-A-Peel is a kit that contains gel and stencils to make jewellery, decorations or anything you like with coloured gel that sets in place.

Rosie having fun!

So we got to working on our diary. Rosie and Alice still like messy things, and Gel-A-Peel is pretty messy at times! We made swirly patterns with the gel and followed the guides - the girls had a lot of fun!

Our patterns on the stencils - as carefully as we could!

Once the gel had set, we peeled off our designs and stuck them to the diary. I think you'll agree our diary looks absolutely A-MAY-ZING.

Our designer diary!

Well, amazing-ish.

We had a great time doing this together. Gel-A-Peel is perfect for older children who want to make jewellery and design their own decorations. It was good fun!

Disclosure: We were sent Gel-A-Peel for the purpose of this review, all words and views are our own.

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