Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Spa Days

As you know, I am very busy and don't often get a chance to do anything really relaxing. It has been a bit of a dream of mine to go off to a spa for the weekend with the husband and relax without the kids and chill out for a whole pamper weekend. At this moment in time we are just so busy with work and university deadlines that we can't even think of organising anything just yet. However, in the summer we are hoping to plan a little getaway, just us too. Here is what we might be looking for:

1) Accomodation

I'd love to spend time in a luxurious castle or hotel with a lovely big bath and luxury beauty products. I love a massive, a lovely view and maybe a real big wet room to unwind in. A lovely bottle of red, two glasses and waffle dressing gowns - sounds bliss doesn't it!

2) Food

No spa weekend away is complete without some lovely culinary action. We really are not very fussy on food. We like all cuisines and will try anything! I really love cosy restaurants, informal, with tasty food and candlelight - maybe some more red wine! Perfect.

3) Treatments

I would really love to have a massage. I am very busy and don't really get the chance to relax. A massage might help me to do this. This could be followed by a swim and sauna, and well... maybe another glass of wine!

4) Surroundings

A spa break for me would have to be somewhere in the countryside. Plenty of open spaces to walk around, maybe an old little town or village nearby with some cultural sights to have a wander around. I find this is the perfect way to unwind, and would love to do this.

A rare day without the kids!

5) Company

Well, it really is all about the company isn't it. I'm sure myself and my husband would have a lovely weekend. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the company of our children, but sometimes... just sometimes it is lovely to just chill out, spend time together and relax without the little trouble-makers!

Another alternative would be create a little home spa. We could light candles, get some lovely beauty products, massage oils  and make some lovely food with good wine. Check out Ellisons to see what they have to offer! Sounds dreamy doesn't it. As long as we didn't get interrupted by the kids!

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Ellisons, all words and views are my own.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Anything is Possible #AchievementForAll

I was pleased to team up with Mobility Nationwide to write about achievements for all. As a mother of three girls, I am constantly trying to get them involved in sports, extra-curricular activities, homework and generally just encouraging them to achieve whatever they would like to achieve. At the moment, Alice and Rosie love ballet. They go every week and learn a new routine. It is great for their co-ordination, their team work and listening to instructions. They really enjoy it, and me too, especially since it is Dad who takes them to ballet while I have a little alone-time!

We are also looking forward to the girls starting their swimming lessons this year. I know that they will find it a challenge at first, and moving up the levels will be a big step for them. However, I know that they will be fine, and I will encourage them in the best way I can. I always want my girls to know that they can try anything they want to try, and achieve anything they want to achieve. This year we are all about encouraging our girls to try new things and take a new step.

Providers of used mobility vehicles Mobility Nationwide have produced this infographic about the success of the Paralympics to show that anything actually is possible. 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Mobility Nationwide, who kindly provided the infographic. All words and views are my own.

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