Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Christmas Menu at Table Table

We were very excited to be asked to test out the new Christmas menu from Table Table at the Derby Lodge in Huyton. We love eating out as a family and menu testing is one of our favourite things to do. We are always looking for places to eat that will accomodate children but also be quiet enough for us to eat too - we don't want to eat every meal in a child-focussed arena. When we arrived we were really happy to see the Christmas decorations on the table. The kids loved pulling all the crackers and of course we hads to wear our paper crowns. Emily read us all the little jokes in the crackers and we pretended to laugh heartily, as is the Christmas tradition of course!

The staff were really lovely with us - we had pre-ordered our meals which meant that they were all ready for us when our table was booked. This was  massive help as you know if you have kids they can get a little bit fed up, especially if it is after school. The meals came out hot and ready and we were very happy! For this meal we decided to order three starters, three mains and three desserts - all adult sized and then share the food with the two little ones. We don't often eat three courses and I feared that if we got kids' food as well then it might go to waste and I hate waste. As it turned out the three adult sized courses were definitely enough for all of us and staff were only too happy to oblige with giving us side plates for the kids. I had a well-deserved glass of white wine and Warren had red. It was actually a lovely relaxed environment, the kids were well behaved and the food was spot on.

Our Food

To start we ordered the soup of the day, which was roatsed pepper and tomato and included bread, breaded garlic mushrooms with a barbecue dip and a pate dish. I'll be honest we wolfed the lot. The soup was so fresh and the bread was delicious. Alice didn't fancy a starter - the kids often don't, but she was happy enough colouring in with teh crayons and sheet she had been handed on the way in. Next up came the mains, we ordered the festive steak, a full Turkey Christmas dinner and a festive burger. We shared out a bit of everything for the kids, who wolfed down turkey with gravy, some chips, bts of potato, and we even coaxed them into trying a couple of sprouts each! There was no waste, and everyone was full. However, as Emily keenly explained, no matter how full you are, you always have a "dessert belly."

So out came the desserts: Chocolate brownie with caramel and icecream, a chocolate sundae and a choclate fudge cake with cream. As you can tell from the pictures, we all dug in and it was enough for all of us.

Our bill came to just under £60 which to feed five of us with a drink from a festive menu is really good value for a treat. They do have a really brilliant kids menu but on this occasion, I decided to share but of course you know your own kids and what they can and can't manage with a full meal.

We had a lovely night. It was great to have a night off cooking and also to eat a three course meak - we don't do it often so it was a lovely treat.

We would definitely recommend Table Table for a Christmas meal out. The food was great, there was plenty of choice on the menu, there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the staff were really helpful.

Disclosure: The cost of our visit was covered in exchange for this honest review. All words and views are our own.

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