Tuesday, 8 November 2016

National STEAM Day: Project MC2 Spy Bag & H20 Remote Control Car

Today is National STEAM day - STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Maths. The aim of this day is to inspire children, and particularly girls to get involved with these subjects. Traditionally these subjects have been taken on by boys and so National STEAM Day is to raise awareness for these subjects and girls' involvement with them.

As part of this day we were very excited to be sent a couple of toys to review from MC2. We love MC2 and have been fans of the dolls for a while. We were really chuffed to take delivery of the MC2 Spy Case and the MC2 H20 car.

Spy Case

The Spy Case is cleverly disguised as a pink handbag and includes over 15 items such as jewellery, nail varnish and perfume. However, all is not what it seems with this vanity case. The items all double up as a secret agent's equipment, so with this bag you can dust your finger prints with shimmery eyeshadow!

You can also send secret messages, inspect clues with a magnifying glass, test evidence with a a small chemistry set and record voices with a secret lip gloss recorder.

Overall the spy case is really fun and might encourage some girls to get involved with this type of activity. Alice really enjoyed playing with the pink coloured nail varnish holders and discovering what secrets the items held. Rosie also got involved and especially liked the voice recorder. However, Emily, who is not a fan of pink was not fussed on the make-up and girly items. I suppose you can't please everyone - we are different no matter what gender we are.

The Spy Case is sold in all good toy shop and prices start from £37.99. I would recommend this toy for someone who is perhaps reluctant to get into science but would like to be inspired. The box recommends that it is suitable for ages 6+ and I would say that this is right. Although our girls did enjoy it, I think optimum age would be a little bit older than this.

H20 Remote Control Car

We absolutely loved the design, style and concept of this car straight away. The car is powered by water! You literally just pop the hood up and insert the water.

The water does two things to this toy. First, adding it turns the car on. The water completes an electrical circuit and allows electricity to flow to power the car. It also creates the mist that looks like the car’s exhaust. 


The car also comes with an easy to use remote control and moves backwards as well as forwards. My girls had great fun with this car. They enjoyed putting their MC2 dolls (and their old Queen Elsa dolls, and Peppa Pig and any other toys that would fit!) into the car and driving them around. We don't really have any cars in the house as the girls tend to pick dolls or puzzles so this is a great addition to our toy collection. We also loved the fact that we got to explain some of the science behind using water to power the car. Our girls are only 5 and 3 so they are a bit young for science lessons but this was the opportunity for us to open up the conversation and teach them something new.

The car is available in all good toy shops.  Prices start from £44.99.

Disclosure: We were sent these items for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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