Friday, 25 November 2016

My Office Chair(s)*

As a busy student and an office worker, I am quite aware that I do need to have a comfy chair to work at. I probably spend a ridiculous amount of time sat at a desk, whether it is my desk in work, my desk at in the library, or my dining table - which tends to act as a make-shift desk for as I do my uni work and assignments!

My work office chair and space is overseen by health and safety at work - so my sitting position, chair, desktop and workspace is checked regularly. At home - not so much! I do tend to slouch and when I get engrossed in what I am reading I tend to lean over the book or laptop. This results in bad shoulders and back the next day. - not good when I have the kids to see to, work to get to and a million things on my to-do list! I do try to avoid doing this but sometime it is easier said than done - we all lead busy lives and a lot of that involves computer-based work. I suppose we just have to do what we can to make it as comfortable as possible - finding the right office chair is definitely a good place to start.

If I could share one tip with office workers or students who are sat in office chairs for a long time - it would be to take regular breaks. Read one article, write a set amount of words, then get up - stretch your legs, make a drink. When you get back to your desk be mindful about how you are sitting and what your posture is like. It is really important!

I do love my office chair in work. It is adjustable and comfortable. Also, it spins. So when I am having one of those days, well.... I can just spin for a bit until I feel better......

See below for some more brilliant office furniture tips:

*This is a collaborative post. All words and views are my own.


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