Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Disney on Ice Presents Frozen - Liverpool

We are so excited to be invited to see Disney on Ice this year in Liverpool. We love looking for new and exciting ways to treat the kids, and spending time together is always great. If you chuck in Disney and especially Frozen then we are on to a winner right away.  Our girls love dressing up as characters from Frozen - in fact, they love Disney dress-up full stop.

Rosie as Elsa
We were set a fun quiz all about Frozen so I sat down with the girls and asked them some of the questions. Their answers were funny - we have seen the film at least around a million times. (!)

1) In Which Kingdom Do Anna and Elsa live?


The real Elsa in Disney on Ice!

2) Who helps the young Anna when she gets hit by Elsa's powers?


Olaf singing In Summer

(After some coaxing by her Dad, she said "the trolls")

3) What is Kristoff's profession?

He's a snow man. He collects ice.

4) How many salad plates do Anna and Elsa own?


8 thousand

5) Anna and Hans finishes each other's?


We can't wait for Disney on Ice. I have told the kids that we are going and they keep asking when it is, of course they can hardly contain their excitement.

For a full list of tour dates click here for more information.

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