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Review: Blackpool Resort Pass #BlackpoolHasItAll

We were very excited to be invited to spend a full day in Blackpool. The summer holidays are a great time for us to really spend time together as a family and get out and about. We tend to sit in the house as little as possible as the kids get bored and that inevitably leads to bickering - much better to get out and have a good time!

Blackpool literally does have it all for a fun day out with the family, and thanks to the Blackpool Resort Pass, we could pick and choose from a number of Merlin Entertainments to visit on the day. We planned to visit Madame Tussaud's, Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastles Water Park and Blackpool Circus - we also planned a picnic lunch and fish and chips on the front for our tea at the end of the day. We really did plan to cram!

We set off bright and early to make a full day of it. The weather was a bit cloudy but we had planned most of our activities indoors anyway.

Madame Tussaud's

First stop was the famous waxworks Madame Tussaud's. We had planned to spend just an hour and a half in here, but the kids had such a ball that we ended up staying a lot longer than we thought we would! We loved seeing all of the celebrities made of wax - Rosie's face was a picture. Her favourite was Lady GaGa and Emily was very impressed with Justin Bieber. We enjoyed The Beatles, Michael Jackson and a whole host of other celebrities. We had a pit stop break at the Rovers Return bar, complete with Deidre Barlow sat in the bar and a showreel of Corrie's best bits on the screen.

After this we then went to get our hands made out of wax! We loved this. Myself, Emily and Warren all had our hands dipped in the warm wax and then the mould handed to us. These are still proudly displayed on our mantelpiece!

The finished product on display

As time had ticked on, we realised that we wouldn't have time to go up the tower. We were happy to save this for another time. It is a shame that we did not have time to go - the Tower experience looks great.

We took the tram back to the car to collect our picnic. As it was raining, we ended up picnicking in the car! It didn't really matter - we were just re-fuelling the kids after the excitement of Tussaud's.

The Pleasure Beach

Again, we went over our time at the Pleasure Beach! There were queues for the rides, but not any longer than you would expect. As we had the two younger children with us, we spent a lot of time in the Nickelodeon section. We enjoyed a few of the rides such as the Rug Rats Log Flume. We enjoyed walking around the Pleasure Beach and stopped for coffee and ice cream on the way round. Warren braved the Revolution ride. I had watched it from the ground - I think it is fair to say that I am not a thrill-seeker, but Warren really enjoyed it.

Sandcastle Waterpark

After our time at the Pleasure Beach (and being slightly damp from the log flume!) We decided it was time to go to the waterpark. The kids were the most excited about this - they absolutely love swimming. We had packed their floats and armbands and were all set to have a great time. The waterpark itself is huge and has many exciting slides, some of which go outside of the building in tunnels. As a self-confessed non-thrill-seeker (if such a thing exists) I was happy to just swim with the kids while Emily went on the bigger slides. We enjoyed the rapids and just generally having a lot of fun in the water! We spent around three hours here all together.

After Sandcastles, we were meant to go to Blackpool Circus - however, the kids were very tired and very hungry, so we decided to leave the Circus for another day. We grabbed some fish and chips and enjoyed our meal with our damp hair!

The Ticket

The Resort Pass is ideal if you are looking to visit a number of attractions in Blackpool over the course of one or more days. The cards are shown at each attraction on entry and it makes everything a lot easier and also saves money. As we are very busy over the summer holidays and have other plans, we had to cram our fun into the one day. As a result we did have to miss out on some attractions - however, the tickets do last a week, so if we could have, we would have definitely returned and maybe had three or four brilliant days out.


  • The Resort Pass starts from £55 but can be customised to add extras. It lasts for seven days, helping you to budget for your trip.
  • Visit Blackpool and Merlin Entertainments have teamed up and launched a summer campaign to prove #BlackpoolHasItAll for families, showcasing Blackpool's collection of world renowned, family attraction brands and offers.
  • You can follow Visit Blackpool on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and offers.
Disclosure: We were invited to visit Blackpool using the Resort Pass and were given tram tickets for the purpose of this review.  All words and views are our own.

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