Saturday, 13 August 2016

Photoshop Weddings

Lately I have noticed the trend for people to have their wedding photos doctored. I don't mean like made black-and-white or just tweaked a little bit - I mean like the whole venue has changed. So one minute the happy couple were eating their boiled ham do buffet in the local social club, but the photo-shopped version actually shows them sipping Champagne on a beach in the Seychelles.

It's a bit weird. But also brilliant when you think on it. Your wedding could be (with a bit of a revisionist approach) absolutely anywhere.

So, that in mind, I have decided that actually - our wedding was a wonderful day and we actually helped the goodness of mankind and humanity as we know it. In lots of ways.

Check it out.

1) That time we landed on the moon before anyone else and put our own flag up, it was literally a HONEYMOON

2) That time we emancipated a very large Orca. FREE WILLY!

3) That time we were backing dancers for Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock way back in '69

4) That time we watched The Hoff singing just before the Berlin Wall came down in '89.

5) That time we supported James Brown in his iconic appearance before Apollo Creed's fight in Rocky IV. 

You see.

A wedding opens up all of these wonderful doors doesn't it.



  1. Hilarious! We actually were photo bomebd by whales at my sons wedding! For real!


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