Sunday, 7 August 2016

BABY Born Sister for #NationalSistersDay

Our two girls absolutely love all kinds of toys. They like toy kitchens, bikes, role-play, dress-up - they will try their hand at anything. They are only 18 months apart and are very close, and with no plans for any other babies they do provide each other with good company. You can imagine their excitement when I told them that the rather large package that had arrived for them was their new baby sister!

The release of this doll coincides with National Sister day. Our girls are very close and although they do have their moments, they do love each other very much.

We unpacked the box careful and Rosie shouted "WOW!" Alice was just as excited as we took her out of the packaging. BABY Born is an interactive doll wearing a smart outfit and sporting very long blonde hair - our girls were only too excited to get to review her!

The doll itself stands up on its own and has flexible joints, so you can move her arms and legs about. Her hair is super long and easily styled. BABY Born also has a little water bottle that she drinks from. She can also cry real tears when you squeeze her arm. My kids were absolutely over the moon with this as they squeezed her arm and in a fake American accent cooed "Awww baby gurl don't CRY!"

As you can see our girls have been having lots of fun with the doll. They have named her Alice Rosie and they take her wherever I allow. She has even been in the little toy prams them have and she also gets strapped in the car when we go out anywhere. They did bicker over her for a while, but they do seem to have their own little system now where they do share and take turns playing with her.

BABY Born can also be played with using a variety of accessories that are available such as the BABY born bed or bathtub. I am sure my girls would love these!

We love our BABY Born doll. She can be bought from all good toy stores prices start from £44.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the BABY Born free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words and views are our own.

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