Saturday, 30 July 2016

All About Me Update

I am the worst blogger wot ever lived.


All I do is review stuff and write about our days out - review days out at that. Although I do love the photos and showing the kids growing up through these reviews, I am well aware that I have not actually written anything blog-wise for absolutely AGES.

I think somewhere I lost my way with blogging. Everything is such a hotch-potch of everything - bits about being a mum, being a student, me being silly and writing daft things. So anyway, below is just an update about what we've been getting up to. You don't have to read it - it is all very self-indulgent of course.


I have now finished my first year of my MA. I got a merit, averaging 69 - which is actually a bit of a pisser as 70 is a distinction. As proud as I was with the mark, I was also slightly gutted. However, I do have the next year to lift that mark up, and my dissertation project is looking good already so I am quietly confident that I can lift that up. I don't know how I managed last year with three kids and work. All I know is that I have to remain as organised as I was last year, if not more, so that I can keep my hard work up and look forward to graduation in December 2017.


I am researching post-1968 socialist movements. My dissertation focuses on a socialist feminist group from Liverpool. It is entirely original research and I can't wait to get writing it. I am also looking at starting my PhD next year on the same group, in greater depth. This summer my aim is to write my PhD proposal and apply for funding. This involves lots of emails back and forth to my tutors and knocking on lots of doors asking for help. I have had two weeks off university and work recently so I am hoping to crack on with this from next week. It is very exciting, but it's a massive task.


The kids are great. Alice is looking forward to starting in Reception full time from September and Rosie will be doing afternoons in the nursery. They are so close in age that they are just one class apart in the same school. It seems like from September everything will have changed - I no longer have two babies at home - they will both be in school. Emily is in year 9 from September - I honestly have no idea where the time is going. She is a usual pre-teen, spending lots of time on her phone and avoiding any room-tidying she can.

This summer we are just trying to cram in as much fun as we can. We have a lot of days out planned, a holiday in Germany and we're hoping to make the most of the time off.

I am hoping to blog more, but well...time is tight as always.

I hope you are all keeping well.


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  1. You look younger on every pic, do you have a painting in the attic! haha. It's good to hear everything is going well, your research sounds very exciting. Have a lovely summer x


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