Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Treats Wishlist

I am the worst in the world at shopping, I really can only be in a shop ten minutes and then I have had enough. I am definitely not suited to walking around picking things - I just don't have the time, and even if I did I can't ever imagine spending my free time shopping! 

Now that rant is out of the way, I'll tell you what I do love and do have time for - picking up a bargain online. I know that there can be an issue with sizing, but in my experience, most clothes do fit and if they don't I find that I would rather have spent the time exchanging them via the post than stomping around shops. There are some brilliant sales on at the minute and I have been having a good look through the sales myself. Here are some of my favourites:

I am particularly loving this belted red dress at the moment. It is a real bargain at just over £30.

I find that clothes from Dorothy Perkins fit really well. I often buy smart clothes for work from here, and I also love their handbags. I often flick through online and see if I can grab some bargains from there.

I love Ralph Lauren dresses. (Although I am happy to admit that they are a little out of my price range.) I do love the current dresses that they have on sale at the moment. If I fancied a little treat I might purchase a bargain Ralph Lauren dress. Everyone deserves a treat from time to time don't they.

3) Shared Earth on Bold Street in Liverpool

This is a little independent shop in Liverpool. It sells lots of lovely nick-nacks: candles, ornaments... I have bought a few little owls from there - a candle one and a camper van. I am like a little old lady really, I love my nick nacks, I love having inexpensive pretty things all around me, and that's what my real treats are. I honestly have no problem walking around nick-nack shops and spending time picking what I want.

I know, I'm a strange thing aren't I. Have you grabbed any bargains yet?

This post was written via LovetheSales, all words and views are my own.

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