Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Review: Evo iPhone Protection

Warren and I both have iPhones and with having the kids around it is really important that we have proper cases for them. The kids often watch Youtube on our phones or use them for Facetime. They can be pretty clumsy and often drop the phones so I was chuffed to be asked to review some protection for one of the phones. Warren has a new iPhone SE so we chose to review the Evo glass screen protector and the Impact clear case.

The Impact clear case promises to be light, secure and scratch resistant. It delivers. Warren said the phone is completely protected by the case, with no user interference at all. It fits very snug to the phone itself. Warren prefers a smaller phone and also needs a small case, no bulk. He said that this was the perfect case for him as it adds virtually no bulk to the phone itself and allows him to continue to carry the phone in his pocket. It is easy to put on and off and costs £24.95.

Warren tends to carry keys in his pocket along with his phone. This is disastrous for phone screens and his last phone did end up scratched. The Evo Glass Screen Protector is popped on to the screen to protect it. Warren used the phone when he is gigging for setlists and as a metronome, so it tends to get bashed about quite a bit. So far, there are no marks on the phone. The screen protector is very thin - the thinnest we have ever seen and is absolutely crystal clear. It costs £29.95.

Overall, we are very happy with these items. Incidentally, Warren did drop his phone the other day. (And there was me blaming any damage on the kids!) The phone was unmarked. These cases really are brilliant.

Disclosure: We were sent these items to review from Tech21 free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own. 

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