Thursday, 2 June 2016

Review: Denman Fairy Tale and Vroom Vroom Tangle Review Brushes

We have three girls we very different styles of hair. Firstly, we have Emily who is the eldest and has medium thick but very long hair. Alice has very thick hair on top and thin and the bottom, and Rosie, who is the youngest has very thick hair.

All of them have one thing in common: their hair is oh-so very knotty!

My baby girl having her hair done

The girls run around all day and get sweaty heads, their hair tangles and it can be a nightmare to comb and unravel. With Rosie's hair being the thickest, she suffers the most. I was very pleased to be asked to review two new brushes from Denman - the Fairy Tale and Vroom Vroom Tangle Tamer brushes.
The brushes are quite small and easy to use on all of the girls' hair. They have layers of soft bristles set at different levels to easily comb through tangles. We tried these brushes out a number of times on all three girls hair.

We really love the brushes. They did easily tame the kids' hair and there was definitely less of a fuss made about hair-brushing!  These brushes retail at £8.50.

Disclosure: We were sent these brushes for the purpose of the review, all words and views are our own.

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