Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My New Designer Range...Dick by Kerrie

Walking through Debenhams the other day my heart sank as I realised how much money is being made on these branded products by "people" Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely. You know the ones. Little simple intricate over-priced designs on all kind of everyday goods. It's a massive scandal and no mistake.

So, I decided to cash in on all this. I give you...

Dick, by Kerrie.

For all your useful household product needs.

Dick by Kerrie mugs

The Dick by Kerrie handy shopper

The Dick by Kerrie Tea-Towel - for the busy housewife in your life

Dick by Kerrie Crockery

I think you'll agree I'm on to a winner here. In the pipeline I have special edition Halloween Dick by Kerrie designs, Christmas festive hat Dick by Kerrie designs as well as Thanksgiving and Easter special buys.

*awaits orders*

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  1. OMG you make me laugh so much xx (orders Dick tea towel to hang on washing line)


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