Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review: Lalaloopsy Style N Swap

My kids absolutely adore Lalaloopsy. They always watch the episodes and often play pretend games with each other and tell me all about the characters. We were really excited to hear about the new Lalaloopsy Switch N Style range.

In each set, each character has their own set of hair styles, dresses and shoes to choose from and comes in a handy little carry case. Alice and Rosie were very excited when the package came through the door!

These are available for all your child's favourite characters: Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Mittens Fluff N Stuff, Peanut Big Top and Spot Splatter Splash. The SRP is £9.99 each for these - I think they would make a good present for any child who loves these. One thing I would say is to definitely keep hold of the box - I let them play with the parts and we had a good hunt around for all of the pieces afterwards!

Our girls loved playing with the set. They enjoyed changing the hair styles and the especially the shoes. In fact, I would say they were a little bit obsessed with changing the shoes around! It was also a test in teaching them how to share (again!) and work together. I swear it is like having twins right now - they are learning how to play and interract with each other and toys like this are a good way for me to teach them how to share.

Disclosure: We were sent the Lalaloopsy Style N Swap free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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  1. Aww! They look very cute. It sounds like your girls have been having fun with them! Hooray for them sharing... x


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