Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review: Astonish Cleaning Products

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cleaning is just a right royal pain in the behind. I don't necessarily hate it, I just struggle for time and there is always something else that I need to be doing other than cleaning. Having said that, I do enjoy having a clean home, and I love new cleaning products.

I was really chuffed to be asked to work with Astonish. This was for two reasons:

1) I really like their products
2) It would give me the excuse I need to finally get a move on and shift some grime out of this house!

Now myself and Warren share the cleaning. We both work and we both have extra-curricular activities - I am a blogger and a student and Warren is a drummer in a band. This makes us super busy, so we have to be on the ball if we are to manage the housework. I wouldn't say our house is dirty, but its...shall we say...lived in.

So in order to test these products fully, we decided that the best way would be to just go for it and blitz the whole of the downstairs. (Upstairs could wait, of course.)

We used the anti-bacterial spray everywhere, stuck a dishwasher tablet in (OK not the hardest job, I know.) We scrubbed the tiles with the tile cleaner and scrubbed the oven down with the oven and cookware cleaner (my word - I can see through my oven door.) I also cleaned the windows and sprayed the downstairs bathroom with the bathroom spray.

So basically, we did everything. I'll be honest...I was astonished. The products are great (special mentions to the window cleaner - no streaks!) But it wasn't just that, a bit of effort and the house was all spic and span. It made a nice change and two days later, we are keeping on top of it and trying to keep everything clean and tidy.

I wonder how long it will last....

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of cleaning products by Astonish in order to write this review. All words and views are our own.

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  1. Great review. Thanks for the information. I'll definitely try it out.


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