Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Landlord Advice

Among my many roles in life; mother, wife, student, etc, I used to also be a landlord. I will be honest and say that sometimes it was stressful, I had so many things to juggle, being a landlord is not easy! However, I am sure that the rewards outweighed the drawbacks. I am pleased to be contributing to part of a Landlord's Advice eBook published in conjunction with Homelet. I have listed below some key tips for anyone thinking about becoming a landlord.

1) Insurance

Make sure that any items you have left in your house are insured. If you have not left any contents or appliances then ensure that your buildings insurance is up to date and compliant with the rules regarding landlord insurance. Google is your friend.

2) Tenants

Vet your tenants carefully. If you do not want pets or smokers then specify. Do a rent check and ensure that the tenants can afford your property. The last thing you need is to try and evict someone for non-payment.

3) Gas Appliances

If there are any gas appliances in the property ensure that they are safe to use and registered with the \gas Safety Register. Hand the tenants the relevant certificates, and ensure they are kept up to date every year.

4) Maintenance

Maintain your property. Carry out any necessary repairs and ensure that everything is in good working order, including getting the electrics checked.

5) Rent

Ensure that the rent that you set is reasonable for the house size and area. You do not want to risk having your property empty as the rent is too high and equally you do not need to be short-changed. Again, Google is your friend here.

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