Thursday, 5 May 2016

Chill Factor E Parties + Discount Code!

We were absolutely over the moon to be invited to try out a special Chill Factor E birthday party last week. It was no-one's birthday - we were just invited along to try out their parties and report back - can't say I wasn't looking forward to all this hard work!

First of all we arrived and started to change into something a little warmer! We were supplied with warm jackets, trousers and helmets for safety. I had already packed gloves, so we were set to go. I had already decided that I was going to opt out of the fun and games - I could feel a cold coming on and with my last assignment due, I thought it best I sit it out and stay warm. The kids were all too excited to get going though!

The kids spent 45 minutes on the snow. The younger girls spent most of the time in the samller play area - Mini Moose's special play area filled with soft toys, mini doughnuts and a mini sledging track. They absolutely loved being pushed down the hill with Daddy!

As Emily is a bit older, she whizzed down the tubing lanes in the downhill donuts and also went on the luge slip 'n' slide.

I watched them having fun from the balcony. There are places to grab a coffee or a beer so it was fine for me to spectate. I watched the more experienced people on skis and snowboards - it looked like a lot of fun from where I was sat.

After the play session, which Rosie called her "cold party" we were then invited in for some food at the birthday table. We ate pizza, lasagne, with soft fizzy drinks and had chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for pudd - all with our happy birthday hats on of course!

We had an absolute ball. It was something a lot different to what we would normally do - the kids were absolutely shattered when we left, and kept asking if we could go back at some point!

Mini Moose parties start from £54 for 10 people (excluding food)
Snow Park Party prices start from £145 for 10 people (excluding food)

As a special offer at the moment I have been given a discount code to share with you. For the next two weeks, you can get 25% off a party by clicking on the link below and using the discount code BPARTY25.

Click here to enter your code and receive the discount

Disclosure: We were invited to Chill Factor E free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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