Monday, 2 May 2016

"Arghh! Scared-a-me!"

Do you "keep" made up words or phrases that your children invent as babies and then use them forever?

We do.

Our favourite one is this:

"Arghh! Scared-a-me!"

How you say it: Emphasis on the "Arghh!" is essential. Like a faux sense of shock or fear. Scared-a-me is pretty much one word. So now you've got it.

Argh!! Scared-a-me! Rosie!

Rosie invented this little cracker when she was about 18 months old. Here are the instances in which Argh! Scared-a-me! was used:

* A fly buzzing around her head
* A loud car alarm startling her
* A sudden increase in TV volume

You get the message.

However, we have now taken Argh Scared-a-me to whole new levels of expression. Here are the ways in which we now use it:

1) There is no wine left in the house:

2) I see the contents of my vacuum cleaner bag

3) The house is a tip

4) Potty training is just not working

5) Lo and behold. The house is clean.

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