Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Why You Shouldn't Read Your Friend's Blog

There is a lovely article doing the rounds lately telling you why you should read your friend's blog. It's a nice thing to do, they might get paid to blog, a few seconds to comment on a blog post makes their day, sharing is caring, etc.


However, I would like to tell you some reasons why you SHOULDN'T read your friend's blog. Then you can decide and do whatever you like anyway.


I can't stress this enough. Some bloggers are a bit too open with their posts and even use their little blog space online as a diary or even a confessional. One minute you're reading about a lovely day out at the seaside and BAM... you know the size of her husband's love-length.

Not cool.

Not cool at all.

2) "Free Stuff Envy"

Bloggers get sent things in the post for "free" to review. You might think that you understand that it not free at all and that the blogger has probably worked very hard at their online space in order to receive this "free stuff." However, if you get Free Stuff Envy - leave the blog well alone.

And never ever call it "free stuff" to the blogger's face.

3) YOU

Some bloggers write to rant. They are furious with the world and want to let it all out. They might be writing about YOU, they might be writing about anyone, but you will read it and think that it is about YOU.

It probably isn't. But just don't read it anyway.

4) Different Sides

Blogging reveals all sides of people. Some bloggers reveal only what they want, they decide what goes on their blog - they may have a theme, or a certain style. Is their life perfect? Are they constantly moaning about their kids? Some bloggers just write everything down.

This can be hard for a friendship. The blogger can be one person and every person all at the same time. They are everywhere. Are they the person you know?

Who knows.

5) Conversation

If a blogger is particularly open - what on earth are you going to talk about when you get together?

So what am I saying?

Switch off? Don't read it? Just read it at your peril is all.

And be kind. They are sharing a part of their life with you. Sometimes all of it.



  1. Ha ha I have people who no longer bother ringing as they think they see everything on the blog 😂😂

  2. My mum doesn't ring me any more cos she catches up with our life by reading my blog....apparently. I've told her there's plenty more going on that we don't write about, she doesn't seem convinced. I have yet to share my husband's 'love length'. I'm sure my mum would love that ;)


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