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Good Qualities to Look For In A Dentist

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Dental care is not an easy job. It requires a mix of manual precision, patience, and enthusiasm to be a good one. This is why it’s so crucial to pick a dentist. If you have kids, you don’t want someone who may be competitive but is not good at handling children. Or you don’t want a dentist who may be ultra-patient but looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

You want someone who is good but how do you qualify someone as good? In this article, we will talk about the 7 qualities that a good dentist should have.

1.    He does continuous learning

Dentistry is an evolving industry and dentists need to catch up if they want to remain competitive. A good dentist sees his profession as an on-going learning process where he has to keep abreast with the newest research and technology relevant to the dental industry.

2.    He makes all patients feel welcome

A good dentist’s dental clinic should have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere as well as friendly and helpful staff. Visiting a dentist is already daunting enough. A good dentist should be able to make his patients feel comfortable and relaxed in his office where the patient is able to ask questions without hesitation. Face Value Dental is a good example of a clinic that provides this desired atmosphere in their clinic.

3.    He has good manual dexterity

Working on a space as small as the mouth takes great skill. It’s a skill dentists have to master for many years. A good dentist must have good manual dexterity meaning they have to have good coordination and a steady hand. There are also moments where they will have to stand over the patient for long periods of time so a good stamina is a great plus.

4.    He educates his patients

A good dentist educates his patients on how to maintain proper dental care such as brushing and flossing regularly. He also tells them of the preventative measures such as avoiding foods and habits that stain teeth or activities that could result in teeth fracture or displacement.

5.    He gives patients a sense of control

Dental procedures can often be daunting to the patient. Even more so when they know there is no other way to getting around it. A good dentist in Brisbane is able to pacify his patient by assuring him of the safety of the procedure and how it will benefit him after. He provides his patient with all the options for treatment and supports the decision provided it yields a desirable result for both parties.

6.    He knows how to connect with his patients

It doesn’t matter if your dentist is an extrovert or an introvert. If their heart and mind is in the right place, they should be able to connect to their patients and staff on a level that shows they care and understand. You won’t get the best service if, let’s say your dentist is only in it for the money and would rather be somewhere else rather than drilling his patient’s teeth.

7.    He has great problem solving skills

Patients have different needs and not one solution can work on all of them. A good dentist evaluates a patient’s dental problem carefully and provides a tailor-made solution that yields optimal results for the patient.

So there you have it! Top qualities that every good dentist should have. They’re a given but it’s important that you know what they are. You don’t want to end up getting short-changed and put your dental health at risk. Choose wisely and good luck!

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