Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Curved Radiators: The Perfect Home Heating Solution for Bay Windows

One of the most exciting products to recently appear in the heating appliance market is the curved radiator. Curved radiators and bay windows are a perfect match that look fantastic when well-chosen and professionally installed. In the past, having bay windows always presented heating problems for a number of reasons that are all addressed by curved radiators.

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Curved radiators fill the available space beneath bay and curved windows in a way that no other heating appliance is capable of doing. A traditional radiator installed close to the curved window is usually far too small to properly heat the room. The alternative has been to install a bigger radiator further away from the window but this ends up intruding too far into the room, steals valuable floor space and limits having full access to the window. Traditional radiators often look out of place and ugly, which totally ruins the aesthetic of an otherwise attractive room.

In stark contrast, curved radiators come in all manner of size, colour, finishes and heating capacity and can also be custom made to ensure they fit snugly in the available space. A well-chosen curved radiator will properly heat one’s home with ease and also brings a pleasing and stylish look to the room in the process.


When looking for heating options to suit bay and curved windows, it is always best to consult with a company that specialises in curved radiators such as There are many in the heating industry that still insist on recommending outdated and inappropriate radiators for spaces that would be much better served with a curved radiator. Only a curved radiator specialist will have the experience to offer the right solution upon your very first visit, especially when you come prepared with a few key details.


In order to effectively heat a room or an entire home it is crucial to know the exact amount of floor space available. Using a system that is too small will result in a cold home that can never be adequately warmed. On the other hand, choosing a heating system that is too large will cost more to install and also to run by unnecessarily consuming excessive amounts of electricity. Make note of any other radiators in the home and also the amount of watts or BTU’s they output.


Precise measurements of the space beneath the window where the heater is to be installed are required to find the unit that best suits your needs. The simplest way to do this is to place a sheet of wallpaper on the floor in front of the window and cut out a template that fits the space exactly. Also be sure to measure the height of the window sill from the floor to help determine how high the radiator should be.

If the store does not have ready access to a radiator of the required size in stock, they can easily use your template to order a suitable unit or even have their manufacturer custom build a perfect fit.

Curved radiators are the boon that many homeowners have been waiting for. Curved, bay and irregular shaped windows no longer pose heating difficulties. In fact, curved radiators don’t just solve problems, they offer up a range of exciting d├ęcor possibilities that make them a much sought after enhancement to homes of all ages.

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