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Creating A Memorable Proposal: How to Pop the Big Question

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If you’re wanting to propose to the love of your life, you’re going to want to create a moment that’s just perfect for her; something that accurately reflects what’s special about you as a couple.

One of the big mistakes many people make is thinking that they’re ought to be a crowd of strangers around to witness such an intensely personal moment. That’s not always the right way to pop the question.

So, we’ve put together a few tips for creating a special and memorable proposal. Don’t forget to visit Melbourne’s most respected jewellers to pick out the ring!

1.    Setting the Perfect Scene

Often, the most magical moment you could possibly create is in a space that the two of you have all to yourselves. But other times, your bride may prefer a public proposal. Which is right? It doesn’t matter – things don’t have to be absolutely perfect, they don’t have to go exactly to plan, just so long as it’s a memorable occasion. It doesn’t need to be about the perfect show of a proposal – it’s all about the celebration and joy of love. If you’re a shy guy, don’t be intimidated by videos of public declarations that have you breaking out in a panicked sweat – do what’s right for the two of you as a couple.

2.    Does It Really Have to be Public?

Your proposal is not a stage show. It’s not at all about showing the world how incredibly cool you are. Its value does not lie in the amount of people who witness it, watch it on video later or hear about it. The value of your proposal lies completely in how special it is to the both of you and the type of story it gives you as a couple to share and celebrate for the rest of your lives together.

That is the biggest potential problem with planning public proposals – men tend to try and outdo each other to come up with YouTube moments that will go viral. That’s just losing the point of what should be such a special and momentous occasion.

There is such a magnificent high that comes from a magic, well-thought out and personalised proposal. And no matter how many people witness it, or not, only the two of you really get that “high.” If you’re wanting to create that incredibly magic moment, which is the feeling you want to achieve – not an ego boost of a ton of strangers praising you, don’t forget to have the ring ready. Visit the leading diamond jewellery company in Melbourne to choose a ring from their great selection.

3.    Finally, Seal the Deal

Another very important note on proposals worth mentioning: plan it all the way through! So many guys go to lengths to plan the build-up and the big question, but then so many ooze awkwardness and have no idea what to do once she has said yes – particularly when there is a crowd of people around and the applause dies down.

Have a solid plan of what you are going to do right at the end of that magic proposal. For some couples, keeping it simple is just the answer.

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