Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Teen-Approved Wallpaper

Children can be difficult enough to understand without the teen hormones getting in the way. As kids become teens there’s a real urgency for them to find their independence, to start figuring out who they are and discovering their own style. This is when their room becomes so important for them. It’s a place for them to get away, to calm down, to study and to hang out with friends. It’s a pretty important room!

So though all the arguments, tantrums and hormone induced attitudes, let the decorating of your teen’s room be a chance to bond with each other and enjoy a great moment together. Below are my favourite choices from Dulux Decorator Centre and designer Graham Brown.

We start off subtle with an elegant wallpaper option, perfect for a chic and dreamy teen room. This Graham Brown paper doesn’t shout and it isn’t garish. It won’t overpower a room, which is perfect for a potentially cluttered teen room, or a smaller room.

Part of Graham Brown’s children’s range at Dulux Decorator Centre, this paper could brighten up any room in your house. It’s bright and breezy and generally creates a positive atmosphere. That’s a big deal for a simple wallpaper. But just imagine what effect this elegant and happy wallpaper could have on your teen’s bad moods and even the stress of exams, tests and homework.

Chic and ultra-stylish, bring the streets of New York right into your teen’s bedroom with this wallpaper. The monochrome print decorating one wall, paired with monochrome accessories and just a splash of colour could transform your teen’s room into a stylish New York city pad.

Give your teen’s room a vintage look that will never go out of fashion. This iconic comic strip featuring Mickey Mouse is a timeless classic that could give your teen’s room a stylish feel while still remaining youthful. The muted, natural tones also mean that this wallpaper fromDulux Decorator Centre could sit with ease among old childhood toys and new trends alike.

This fabulous wallpaper comes from the new range from graffiti artist Kev Munday available at Dulux Decorator Centre. As part of the ‘New Wave’ design talent initiative, this wallpaper represents being creative, exploring your own skills and discovering yourself. What better backdrop for your teen’s bedroom than this jazzy, artistic wallpaper.

What teens really want to put on their walls is pictures of people they love. This could be their favourite celeb, a musical hero, pictures of friends, beloved moments and even pictures of family (they do love you really).  So what better wallpaper than one made up of these things and help your teen express themselves it their own room and really make it individual to them. This playful wallpaper features an array of frames just waiting to be filled with great memories, without the hassle of nailing frames into the wall and creating pesky holes

I know what you’re thinking, wallpaper is notoriously hard to work with. However, Graham Brown wallpaper is of the highest quality making it easy to apply and looks fantastic for years to come. Instantly create style and excitement in your teen’s room. With Dulux Decorator Centre’s vast range of wallpapers there’ll be something you both love so you can avoid any arguments.

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