Monday, 14 March 2016

Our Wedding

Last night I found myself looking over our wedding photos. As you know, we keep the top tier of our wedding cake on top of our fridge. We've been married nearly 6 years now so it has a lovely layer of dust on it...

Anyway, I digress.

Our wedding was lovely. Warren had proposed to me after about a year/18 months of us being together. We just knew, you know. I suppose the proposal is another blog post...

So, once he asked me to marry him I knew that I wanted to get married within the year. That was my only stipulation really. I just didn't want to be saving money up and booking a wedding years in advance - the most important thing about getting married to me was that we had our friends and family there to celebrate our love together and have a good time, everything else did not matter to us whatsoever.

I suppose you could say that we did have a shoe-string budget between us. We did save some money up, and both sets of parents helped. I think we were the most laid-back couple ever. Everything was literally "whatever." Warren wanted a blue tie for himself and all the men, but that was it. Everything else was just ad-libbed as we went along. I picked a lovely dress - everything was fairly fuss-free.

I had my hair done at the hairdressers but it was quite breezy and the curls easily fell out. It didn't matter. I didn't have a make-up person - I just wanted to be myself when I walked down the aisle.

This was our cake on the day. I had the topper made especially as a surprise.

I just wanted to marry Warren. I don't think I concerned myself with much else, and neither did he. We just wanted to have a big celebration and have everyone have a good time.

We got married in the church where Warren's Mum and Dad were also married. It was perfect.

Some of the photos are really lovely, but my God, I hated having the pictures done. The photographer put us in all weird poses and we were both uncomfortable.

I made the flowers myself, and we made the invitations and wedding favours too. It wasn't so much as a money-saving exercise as just wanting to have a real input ourselves to make it more personal.

Of all the photos, the ones where we are just getting on with it taken on iPhones are the best.
We had our reception in the club close by to the church. We had buffet food and wine on the tables. Everyone had a great time, and we couldn't have wished for a better day.

We have said that we will renew our vows at 10 years, possibly abroad on a beach or something like that. Just with the kids there, again - totally fuss-free and laid back. 

Six years on, here we are with two extra kids. I probably love him more now than I did then.


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  1. Aw I love this, such a lovely thing to reminisce about. Emily looks adorable and you look awesome! I suppose Warren looks OK too... Haha! Nah, you all look boss, so happy. Lovely post xx


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