Friday, 5 February 2016

What do you do on the Internet?

How much do you rely on the Internet?

I use the internet so much. When I am off work in the day I use it for all of the usual social media things, but I also use it for university.

I email Warren a lot. My emails are like little notes, it's really embarrassing, they go something like this.

I use the Internet for shopping. I do a lot of our shopping online. I sit and pick all my bargains out and choose a delivery slot. It saves time and petrol, but I depend on my Internet to do this, of course.

I am always checking Emily and Alice's school website. They are really good because they reproduce all the dog-earred letters that Emily brings home and upload them onto their website. This makes my life so much easier as Em never brings the right letters home, and I end up behind with her school activities..

I don't really find time to play games on the Internet - far too busy for that I'm afraid. I know that a lot of people find the time to play bingo of landmark bingo, but I don't find the time to sit down most days so that would be difficult for me!

With the Open University a lot of my learning was online. Now I am at a brick uni I rely less on the internet, but because I can't get to the library as much as I would like, I tend to look on the online library a lot. I can spend hours just trawling through digital material.

Blogging - clearly I need the Internet to blog. Without blogging I fear that I very may well climb the walls.

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