Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review: SEA-LIFE Blackpool

We were delighted to be asked to a preview of their new exhibit Jurassic Seas.

We love SEA LIFE and had never visited the Blackpool one before, so we were very much looking forward to it. It is situated right on the Promenade so very easy to find and plenty of parking round the back, so we were all set to go!

Obligatory in-car selfie!

We looked around the Jurassic Seas exhibit first and were introduced to a number of fascinating sea-creatures like molluscs. They also have an interactive computer game where the kids can play. This involved learning about prehistoric sea creatures such as the gigantic Megalodon.  The game was great as it gave the us an idea just how huge these animals were! The kids really enjoyed the game too.

After this we walked around the main SEAL-LIFE area. SEA-LIFE is home to over 2,000 species of sea-creatures such as rays, sharks, sea horses and puffer fish. The kids especially loved the little clown fish or "Nemo" as they refer to them! Alice was also brave enough to put her hand in one of the tanks to stroke a starfish - we couldn't drag her away in the end!

Whenever we go somewhere like this with the kids, I am quite keen that they learn as well as enjoy themselves. In SEA-LIFE there were plenty of information signs and activities for the kids. I do feel that they came away with some good knowledge!

We really loved the huge sea tunnel. We all walked through, fascinated by the sharks and life in the tank, swimming all around us. I thought the kids might have been a little apprehensive, but they weren't - they were keen to look at all the fish, pointing at them and asking questions.

When we had finished walking around we found ourselves exiting to a huge soft play area - the kids were over the moon as you can imagine! We stayed in the soft play area for around half an hour and the kids had a ball.

We would recommend SEA-LIFE as part of a day out to Blackpool. You can save money on tickets by purchasing online here. Tickets start from £10.50.

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