Sunday, 14 February 2016


So I have been sat with Alice teaching her numbers and letters recently. She is only 4 but she us trying to get to grips with what she is learning in pre-school. She is getting really good with learning her letters and can now write her full name almost unaided - she sometimes needs a little bit of help with our last name! Also because she is left handed, sometimes she gets confused and writes backwards - it is so strange - her reaction to this is "Oh well. It doesn't matter." Of course I have told her that it does matter but at the end of the day she is only four so I am sure that she will eventually get the hang of it.

We are also teaching her numbers. We do this in a number of ways. We like to ask her how old she and her sisters are every now and again. She uses her fingers to count and holds them up. We always ask her how many sausages she has on her plate, or how many dolls she can see, etc. It really is quite easy to incorporate numeracy skills in to everyday life.

Of course we also have Rosie who is just a little bit younger than Alice. She also likes to learn her numbers. We tend to let them both watch videos on Youtube - these really help with numbers. We particularly like nursery rhymes such as "Five Little Ducks" - this teaches them subtraction too! We do often play games with them to teach them. Bingo games can be fun, as can card games such as "snap." I think it is all about encouraging them to find learning fun at this age and keeping them engaged whilst teaching them at the same time.

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