Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mum of The Year Award...

I am aware that it is quite early in 2016 for annual awards.

However, it's January - I need cheering up and also, I don't care.

So I am awarding myself...

Yep, you read it here first.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Belgium Adventures

We took our girls aged 12, 4 and 2 on a short holiday, one of the best destinations to take a small family, you know, Belgium. Brussels and Bruges, specifically. Rosie loved the chocolate body parts, they all liked waffles and we liked the beer. It was win win really.

In Belgium I was also Top Comedy Typical Blogging Parent as the inevitable waffle-splat happened.

"Alice - just keep doing your sad face while Mummy takes a picture..."
Mum-Points: 10/10 - Perfect!

2. Personalised Product Creations

First Coke bottles, now jars of Nutella. Alice and Rosie sadly peeled off the label of the Nutella so I just personalised Emily's jar, what with her being a bit of a grump most days on account of her being a pre-teen horror gob.

Mum Points: 9.7/10 - Could have peeled those scrappy bits off the label a bit better.

3. Body Image Projections

I am on a quest to lose weight for health reasons. But I don't put this on my girls, I jump around all wobbly and free and I don't care. I want my girls to be proud of how they look and to be the best that they can be.

Whatever they decide to wear, even if they look like a Fraggle.

Mum Points: 9.5/10 - Could have tidied the kitchen up a bit

4.  New Year's Eve Party Organising

I threw a BANGING NYE Party. A PYJAMA PARTY. Warren was out gigging so I bought loads of beige oven-able food, emptied a multi-pack of maize-based snacks into a huge salad bowl, stuck Justin Bieber on DEAD LOUD and danced around.

The kids ignored me (and the whole thing), naturally.

Mum Points: 10/10 - Strirling effort.

5. Spontaneous Squiffy One-Way Flight-Bookings

After a couple of shandies, book some flights. Sleep. Forget all about it. Next morning...

Munich is beautiful. I've always wanted to go, can't wait.

Mum Points: 10/10 - Flights for everyone booked, not just self. WELL IN.

So that's it really. I think once you weigh up the evidence you'll agree that I really do deserve this award. I could be here all night listing all the other reasons but you know, things to do, flights to book, etc...



  1. You WIN hands down. Love the moment where you get the child to hold the wobbly tear-stained face until you've got the photo. Love it.

    1. Ha ha - typical mummy blogger!!! :) xxx

  2. I, for one, am impressed! *bows to your superior mumdom* xxx

  3. I love this, I bow to your Mumdom too : )

  4. Mum of the year? Not parent of the year? What happened to the feminist?! Lol. I've made my kids pose with sad faces in front of a cruelty to children poster for the blog. That kind of thing is normal, right?

    1. I know, terrible behaviour. It should have been parent of the year, I bet the prize was better for that too.... :)


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