Sunday, 10 January 2016

It's All Been A Lie...


You know what all these years, I've been lying to you and it's time to confess. All the photos, all the tales of hardship: studying, working, having three children, cleaning the house....

IT'S ALL A LIE. I have to tell you now before I get found out.

The truth's just all so easy.

All of the old hardship doing a degree, working, juggling everything etc were all just photoshops, you see.

There was never any face-pulling or children interferring in my work

I always have time to cook.

And I never ever hide from the kids and read books on the toilet, either.

I never wear leggings, or odd socks, or scrape my unwashed hair into a two-second bun using Alice's scrunchie.

I don't wrestle small children in order to meet an essay deadline, nor do I work while they are both on my knee. 

I always have loads of time because I am totally and utterly efficient.

What's more.... I'm pretty DAMN HOT as well....It's all so easy, you see.

Wife, Mum, Student Bum....smoking Hot Hotty!

Balancing everything like a boss. In full make-up, naturally. All day, every day. 

You knows it.

So, come on then....


  1. It's true, you are totes amazeballs. Even the way you managed to get a lookalike to stand in for all those photos for you! :D

  2. I've said it are supermum.

    I'm knackered even thinking about it all

  3. I've said it are supermum.

    I'm knackered even thinking about it all

  4. I love this, You really make me laugh.
    I will remember this tomorrow when I get up, wash my hair, put make-up on, iron the shirts, cook full breakfast and then take the cherub to school before I head to the gym & then help old people across the road. : )

    1. Definitely Lorraine. *swishes hair* :) xxx

  5. You are pretty damn awesome! x

    1. Ha ha - if only I had time to do my hair and make up! ;)


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