Sunday, 6 December 2015

We're ALL AMERICAN Girls...

Do you do accents with your kids? We have this American thing going on at the minute. Rosie is 2 and she talks...a lot. Thing is, now she talks a an American accent. What's worse is that it's kinda rubbing off on me, and so we talk like this all the time.

Of course she is only 2, so her vocabulary is limited as is her ability to put on a convincing American accent. So the end result is me and her chatting away in this pseudo-American babble. Here are some of our key phrases:

For yummy food:

Festive Rosie:

For those slightly upset-for-no-reason times:

Urgent telephone calls:

So as you can see, it's all fun and games in ours. We're working on making our accent more authentic. Alice also tried to get involved and Emily, occasionally. But really it's just me and Rosie. Now and again we will try our damned-est (like my American??!) to con Warren into getting involved.

"Heyyy Dadeeee, what arrre yeau urrrp tooo?"

He just looks at us both like we might be off the chart.

We probably are...


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  1. Love it. When my goddaughter was little (she's your age) she used to play Supergirl. When she was being Supergirl she had an American accent & I had to continually pretend to fall over so she could save me! : )


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