Friday, 11 December 2015

The Selfish Holiday Parents

*raises hand*

I am a selfish holiday maker. 

You see, I don't like sitting around doing nothing. In fact - I hate it.

A holiday for me is a break. A change of scenery. What it is not is sitting about all day, reading "beach books" or magazines, listening to music and sunbathing. I can hear you calling me a misery, I understand. I am yet to actually meet anyone who understands my point of view on this, so I totally totally get that you might think I am a bit of a tw*t for this. Here are my reasons:

1.   I hate the sun. Can't sit in it for more than ten minutes without burning - my skin is like Ginger x 1,000. 

2.   I hate the heat. When I get hot, I get fidgety and fed up

3.   I hate doing nothing. Reading beach books is doing nothing. Listening to music is doing nothing. I don't like lying in the sun (see reasons 1 and 2)

4.   Not bothered about swimming pools - every town has one

And so, what does this leave? Food? Yes of course I love food but that's three meals a day, what do I do for the rest of the day? Drink? I can do that at home.

What about the kids? I can hear you asking. Do it for the kids. Well, my answer is a resounding no. I work hard all year round without a break to provide for them. If I am paying then I am going on a holiday I want to go on. Selfish? Probably. But it is the only time that I am selfish. In any case, I'd much rather have them with me on my kind of holiday than bin them off in a kid's club while I sit around a pool in scorching hot sun fidgeting and generally being unhappy.

So what is a holiday to a selfish holiday maker? I like places. I like people. Real places, with real culture and real history. Not a soul-less complex filled with normal "holiday makers" sat around doing nothing in the scorching sun.

Do you hate me a bit yet?

And so, we will be taking the kids with us as we go and visit all of these amazing places. On our kind of holiday. Moscow, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Bruges, Brussels. 

I want to see the palaces in Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna. I want to visit Munich University, the Black Forrest, Paris, Prague, Krakow, Rome, Copenhagen. Maybe one day real Cuba, Argentina, Brazil.

With three young kids in tow.

Oh I know it's selfish. But it truly is actual tough cheddar. I don't care. 

And so, we begin our travels. It began in Berlin of summer 2015 and next Belgium this winter. We are training the kids to adapt to what we want - we make our own fun wherever we go, and if they don't like it - well, when they are old enough to work as hard as we do, they can go on holiday wherever they want themselves.

Because you know what, as the kids keep telling me, #YOLO. And life doesn't revolve around the kids in EVERYTHING.

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  1. Totally agree about the holiday thing. I'm the same. Can't stand laying in the sun. I don't really get to take the kids away too often, but it would be somewhere I would enjoy too if we did.


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