Saturday, 12 December 2015

Our Notice Board

We have a notice board up in our kitchen. Or a to-do board. I don't think everyone has these and I thought I might share the chaos that is our life.

It contains general Monday-Sunday teas and to-do's. Teas get changed around and improvised all the time. New tasks get added all the time, sometimes by the kids, see "Get Em, jogging bottoms (black plain)"

This week it has been quite quiet on the board. We're trying to wind down for Christmas.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, the boxes change as things change. I sometimes have a section for shopping.

The Reward Chart is bullsh*t. We started out with best intentions and now the kids just reward themselves with stars when we're not looking.

Are we massively organised or deranged and up the wall?

I'll let you decide.

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  1. I've tried stuff like this, but it never works as well as the perfect vision in my head. Take now, for example. The kitchen white board reads "stoo using ALL of the cups!" after I did the washing up and found that four kids had used a dozen cups, five beakers and several glasses on one evening.


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