Thursday, 10 December 2015

#ManicMumday with Toby Carvery

I was challenged tonight to have a night off cooking and visit our local Toby Carvery. Such a tough challenge, I know, but someone's got to do it!

I cook from fresh most nights, even on weekdays when we're working - we are just in the routine, or on the hamster wheel, whichever! Warren cooks about once a week when I am in late from work, the rest of the time I tend to do the cooking. This is fine, but now and again you do just need a night off - you don't appreciate how much effort it is after a day's work to get in and cook and clean up afterwards -  so I was more than happy to take on this challenge! Every day is a ManicMumday for me, as you can imagine!

Our local Toby Carvery is in Aintree just a short drive away. We hadn't took the girls to a Toby before and they love roast dinners so I already knew that it would be a hit with them. Staff were very friendly and helpful and all in the Christmas spirit with their jumpers and antlers - the kids thought it was great. The restaurant itself is spacious and ambient, bit of music in the background and generally a chilled out atmosphere.

When we were seated the kids were given colouring-in sheets and crayons and we set to looking at the menu. They do have a Christmas menu out now with a choice of two and three courses for a set price. We thought that these looked fab, and we decided to have roast dinners each. Warren had his upgraded to a King Size for an extra £1.50 and because Rosie is under three staff gave her a bowl and a spoon so we could share our food with her. Rosie is a good eater at times, bu
t at others she just picks, so it can end up being a waste of money as well as food, so we were grateful for the bowl!

We each took turns to get our food. At the Carvery you can have any of the four meats; pork, gammon, turkey or beef with a Yorkshire pudding. Then you can select your own veg and condiments. The vegetables were sprouts, carrots, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and a choice of two mashed potatoes. If you still feel hungry after your meal you are allowed to go back for extra vegetables, but we had already piled our plates the first time around so we didn't do this. We did add lots of gravy and tucked in to our meal.

Plates piled high!

That's one way to eat a Yorkshire pudd!
We really enjoyed our meals. Rosie didn't eat much, but she is just at that age. I think sometimes her teeth trouble her and she doesn't feel like eating. Alice, on the other hand ate lots and even stole some of our food too! It was great to see her enjoying her food and having a good time.

Child selfie!
We managed to squeeze in room for dessert. The dessert menu is great - plenty of choice and great prices too. We decided on the Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae and the Cherry Chocolate Torte with whipped cream. We all shared and just dug in. I barely had time to take a photo of or desserts - they all swooped around them as soon as they landed on the table.

We had a lovely night. The food was tasty, good value for money and we really enjoyed the restaurant. Staff were particularly helpful, our waitress Steph made a fuss of the girls and all the staff were friendly and seemed really happy. It does make a real difference. For five of us with two kids meals, two adult (one of them King Size) two desserts and drinks for all of us, the bill was just over £40. I think this is excellent value for money and we will definitely go back again.

Thanks Toby Carvery for this very tough challenge!! :)

Toby Carvery have also offered any of readers a free ice cream sundae when they visit. Here is the voucher below - I do highly recommend them and hope that you enjoy your visit.

Disclosure: We were invited as guests to visit Toby Carvery and were supplied with a voucher to cover the cost of our visit. As always, all words and views are our own.

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