Thursday, 31 December 2015

How We Watch TV

So we don't watch a lot of TV. However, so that we can make an effort to unwind and relax, we have started to watch more lately. We perch next to each other on the couch and watch a few things. Now I have seen bits of Gogglebox, so I know how that works.

This is how we work.

Or not.

University Challenge

We like this. I fancy Paxman a little bit and both myself and Warren like to have a competition to see who can score the most. If we get over ten between us then it is amazing. We guess quite a lot. If the questions are about classical music I just guess Shostakovich each time. One of them is bound to be right, right?

When the history questions come on I am made to feel entirely inadequate, of course. I sometimes shout at the telly and if I get one right celebrate wildly screaming "THAT WASN'T A GUESS, I KNEW THAT ONE!"

File under: bad nerd behaviour.


Typically we sit and salivate, or secretly hope that one of them makes a complete cock-up. We always slag off the food critics to the tune of "GET A REAL JOB" and we always wonder how on earth they can sit there and eat FOUR two-course meals.


As an aside, what exactly does a "great eating plate" look like?

Question Time

Even the theme tune makes us angry. We tend to talk to the telly a lot. Warren is a bit more considered in his approach, but I tend to shout at the telly and can get a bit sweary.

Foreign Language Films & Series

We love them. Currently watching Danish/Swedish thriller The Bridge. However, because of the subtitles you can't take your eyes off the screen for even a second. Warren has this beer app thing where he checks in his beers. You take a photo of them and earn points for all the different ones you try. Great nerdy fun, however, if he does this while The Bridge is on, he's had it.

And so, that's it really. We don't watch much else on TV. But this is a little slice of what we're like when we do. Oh, and this one.

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