Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My Graduation 2015

Huzzah I graduated!

 The night before I was nervous and to be honest, I had been so busy with my essay for my MA, looking after the kids and working and all the other things - that I simply hadn't had time to find anything to wear. Also, in a moment of panic I had done this:

However, I had already made my own shoes so I was really proud of these:

Anyway, I had spent a long time washing and re-washing my hair to make it less in your face. Stressed out the night before I had a little meltdown. "Oh my God I can't believe I've not had time to buy something to wear - I just can't get a minute for myself. I haven't even got anything to wear - and GOD FORBID I might want to wear some jewellery!!"

(I found a dress and calmed down, my orange hair still blazing.) Later that night Warren surprised me with a graduation present.

For some reason(!) this made me feel a whole lot better about everything...

So, after a hectic morning dressing the girls and doing their hair we got the train to Manchester - my parents were meeting us at the venue. We ate our dinner on the way there and trying to make sure the girls didn't ruin their outfits, run away, or kill each other with their umbrellas.

I was a bit nervous when I got there, but I needn't have been. Everything was perfect. It didn't matter what I wore, all that mattered was that I had made it. This day was about me, and that was nice. As a parent I find that everything tends to revolve around the children, and that's fine, but for once, this day was about me, and I was quite happy with that.

I had read that the graduation gown was quite heavy. It wasn't too heavy for me, I felt like I could wear it all day. I had worked so hard and for so long. You would think that I'd be emotional, but I wasn't.

Until I actually sat down, I looked around Bridgewater Hall and I couldn't see where Warren and the kids had gone. I hadn't checked where they were sat, so I was gutted - I couldn't find them. Then there was a point in the ceremony where one of the speakers asked us to turn around and look at all the proud faces behind us. I looked, and straight away I saw Alice waving, massive grin on her face, so proud. Only then did I get a BIT emotional, and I had to look away.

They filmed the graduation - here is my bit, the link takes you there directly. I skipped on, skipped off, massive grin, waving the little scroll thing around, FIRST CLASS DEGREE, all MINE! It all went so quick.

It was such a lovely day. The OU did us proud. Everything was perfect.

After it had finished we bought some beers, got McDonald's for the girls and continued our celebrations on the train.

I couldn't have wished for a better day.

Thanks Open University. You changed my life.  x


  1. A brilliant blog, thank you so much for telling us about your day and well done!!!!! I have to admit I welled up and it's made me even more determined to get working on those dratted TMA's I have coming up. Good luck for wherever you go next xx

  2. Aww that made me cry, congratulations Kerry I'm 3 years into my degree, 3 more to go it just reminds me there is light at the end of the dark tunnel lol you have made me giggle with your blogs and reminded me that all this stress will one day be worth it thanks for everything and best of luck for the future ��

  3. Well done you! Train booze is my favourite. I'm having a party AND on the way to bed x

  4. That made me really emotional, well done you, you're an inspiration to your girls. xx


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