Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Help! I Keep Hiding From The Kids

Am I playing Hide and Seek with the kids? No. I'm just hiding. Sssh. They might hear.

The downstairs toilet is a good one. I'm doing my MA so there's plenty of reading to be done. Two birds, one stone.

The kitchen is a good one, there is food in there too. Bonus.

Oddly, the bath is not a good hiding place. They will find you and torture you (with bath toys up your bum.)

I have found a new place lately. The oven. Not in it - that's just weird I just sort of hog the warmth from the heat of the oven. The kids think I'm cooking. It's all cool.

What do you mean "losing my shit?"

1 comment:

  1. Super stealth with the oven sitch - hide in plain sight. Please accept your black belt in mumming.


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