Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Don't PhotoShop My Life!

I wanted to do an real Instagram post - you know the type. A birds-eye view of me lay on a beautiful bed with crisp white bedding, laptop open, cup of coffee in hand, thoughtful, inspirational book lay flat open, pages sprawled ever-so ever-so neatly.

Then I realised that I didn't WANT to iron my bedding while it was on. My books are all battered, my laptop has a crack in it as well as numerous toast crumbs. My coffee cups are all stained and random coloured. And also, the angle would be impossible. Just not real at all.

It got me thinking about why we photoshop our lives. Why do we gloss over the imperfections? I am a blogger. This means that I share a lot. I started writing for myself, to share my life with this little diary. I can't live without blogging, it gives me a release and orders my thoughts - like creating a huge list on a little piece of the Internet. It consoles me and orders my life.

Why then, would I photoshop it?

I work with brands and I am grateful for every opportunity that we get. And I am thankful that the companies that want us to try their products are happy that I don't sugar coat anything. I barely edit our photos (except to put sarcastic remarks, or super-impose my own stupid head on some telly program star's body to make you laugh.)

We are a real family. With a load of real mess in our lives. The house is lived in, it is untidy most of the time. The kids are crazy with a capital K, I have that many books that I don't have shelves enough to keep them, they are spilling onto the couch arms and into the dining room, into our lives.

But this is us.

And we don't care.


  1. I love seeing family life behind photos! I refuse to put photos of my manky grout in my kitchen tiles on Instagram though - Who thought grey grout was a good idea? Love the random bottle of rum! x

  2. Yup! Totally with you on this. I almost never edit our photos (occasionally I crop them), so they show life as it happens in our house. Amazingly people still want to work with me too :).

  3. Real is always best, & my photos are always rubbish anyway, haha


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