Sunday, 1 November 2015

Curtains and Home Furnishings

Now that our children are a little bit bigger we have been thinking about smartening the house up a bit. I have never been one for home furnishings, but I like to have the house how I like it. Our house is filled to the brim with all of our belongings, it is a true home, a true reflection of us. This obviously means that sometimes it is messy and it doesn't always co-ordinate. However, I don't mind that, it's who we are. 

So I have been thinking about new curtains for each room. I think they could really spruce up our house. 

I love these for the kids bedroom. I love the pink owl design, and as it is not a particular brand like Peppa Pig or frozen, the girls can't argue over which one it is, they share a room and so they both like to have an opinion on the furnishings of course!

For the downstairs we would be looking at a cream, beige or coffee coloured curtain. Something like these Yorkshire Linen CO  door curtains would be perfect. We have have also seen quite a few pairs in Dunelm Mill and Next, so we are going to keep looking round. We have the big double patio doors at the back of our house - I love the coffee colour and think they would look great.

I have been looking on the Internet and keeping an eye out when I have been shopping. Buying new curtains are just one of those jobs that tends to go on the backburner, but hopefully I will find time and spruce up our house!

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