Friday, 23 October 2015

Special Moments

It's very important to make time for ourselves. I think when we have buys lives it's easy to just slip into the mode of being on the hamster wheel. Sometimes we need to sit back and think what it is that makes us happy and take some time out. What makes us feel good? What are those special moments?

1. Meals Out

We like to enjoy a meal out with the kids. We like to sit and chat and try new foods and experience new things. The kids really enjoy it and it is definitely our quality time. This usually involves ice cream!

2.) Film, Wine and Crisps Night

Sometimes you do need to sit in and just relax in your PJs. Put the kids to bed early, stick a few candles on and unwind. Life is fast and sometimes we just need to slow it down a little bit.

3.) Looking Forward

Sometimes you need a break from the daily rouitne. We like to make sure that we have small breaks booked, little holidays to look forward to in the future. Booking a flight away just gives you that little treat and motivation to keep on with work and school - knowing you have a little treat waiting for you.

4) Kid's Days Out

Soft play hell. Obviously! But you know what, when the kids are happy, we are happy. I know that most kids places are noisy and a little crazy but it's worth it when you see the smiles on their faces.

5) Reading a Great Book

Come on, I'm a student, you didn't think I'd leave that one out did you!

If I got bored of my books then maybe I could try slot sites and win some hard cash...or not!

Disclosure: I was asked to write this article in conjunction with a PR, all words and views are my own.

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