Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review: Thermos Stainless King Flask

I do love hot drinks. Especially as it is getting quite chilly now that the winter is creeping in. I hate the dark mornings and dark rainy nights coming home from work or university. however, I can instantly feel cheered by a lovely hot drink. That was why I was excited to review the Thermos Stainless King Flask. I do like to stay in the library after uni sometimes and get some studying done. Now there is a coffee shop in the library, and that is all well and good, but really I do like to just immerse myself in my books, and a flask filled with tea or coffee next to me just allows me to get on with it! This Saturday I decided to do a few hours reading in the library and took my flask with me to try it out.

The Flask

This is the bestselling flask from the range. The capacity is 1.2 litres and the colour is red. It keeps your drinks/soup hot for 24 hours and has a handy carry-handle. The RRP for the flask is £30.95.

Hard at work!


I love this flask. I am also going to consider making big batches of soup and taking this into work and uni for my lunch break. I think salad days are drawing to an end as the colder weather pick up, hearty warming soups are just the ticket and if they are kept warm in my flask then so much the better! I will definitely be using this at uni over the next couple of years - I really do just perch myself in the library and once I am stuck in my books I don't want to move! This flask is my ideal companion for those long study days that I love.

Disclosure: I was sent this flask to review free of charge, all words and views are my own.

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