Monday, 28 September 2015

The Perfect Family Car

I have had a number of cars over the years. I remember my very first one - a baked-bean coloured Vauxhall Corsa. It was my little pride and joy. That was until I realised that it had a faulty engine and I had to have it scrapped....

Anyway, since then I have had  quite a few cars. It was a lot easier before we had the babies - there is much less to consider, you can just pick a ca because you like it. However, with the kids obviously we have to think about them. You need something that is big enough to fit them all in as well as being economical on fuel. Chances are if you have a few kids, you might be running them here there and everywhere for a number of years so it's important to pick the right car for your family. Here is what we took into account when we purchased our Ford Focus:

1) Room

There had to be plenty of room in the back. We have three children so we needed to fit the cars seats in. We also had to take into account all of the kid's "stuff" - they just tend to cram their things in the car with them, they can't help it. Elsa dolls, shoes, books, half-eaten apples... everything tends to end up in there with them so we needed a car with plenty of room.

2) Child-Locks

This was essential for us. Kids mess and fiddle with everything in cars and it would be terrible if they could open the doors, it's bad enough that they mess with the windows! So we have the child-locks on ours and gives us peace of mind.

3) Entertainment

We have  CD player and a radio in ours. We don't have a DVD player but that would be nice. We tend to use the CD player and radio and sing along with them on long journeys. We all sound brilliant. Brilliant-ish.

4) Fuel Economy

We do use our car a lot. We use it in the week for work and then we try to get out and about most weekends. We needed our car to be economical on fuel as well as being reliable.

5) One with a separate noise-proof section for the kids, like this:

Just kidding.

This post was brought to you in association with Parkway. All words and views are my own.

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