Friday, 25 September 2015

Student Money Saving Tips

Now I don't like to brag here, but I am definitely brilliant at money saving. I am a penny-pinching money-saving Mother. I am also a student, which naturally means that as I pay for my education I don't exactly have thousands in the bank to squander. So, below I have prepared my favourite money-saving tips for you. Pennies do make pounds and saving a little bit adds up to a lot.

1) Shop the Sales

Sounds really obvious, right. Don't buy your summer clothes in summer - get them in the winter sales! Buy your winter boots, cardis and coats in the summer sales! It is something that sounds so simple, but it really does save you a fortune. When I do this it means that I can buy clothes and items for myself that were once quite expensive and decent quality, but because I shop smart I get them at a fraction of the price. Brilliant!

2) Meal-Plan

As a busy mother of three children it really does make sense that I meal plan. Even if you have no kids and are a student it still makes a great deal of sense. Every Sunday I sit down and plan seven meals for the week. I then make my list and shop according to the list. I try not to deviate from the list. This means that we all eat healthy, balanced meals and there are no unplanned trips to the supermarket. Unplanned trips to the supermarket do not do anyone's bank balance any good - believe me, I've been there!
Studying/Meal Planning/Budgeting all in one!

3) Use Price Comparison Websites

If you are looking for insurance or a cheap phone, a loan, a credit card - whatever it is, use a price comparison website. I tend to look on Martin's Money Tips quite a bit and see what the best deal is for me - don't settle for the first thing you see - shop around!

4) Open a Student Bank Account

Student bank accounts are a great way to save your money. A lot of accounts have interest free overdrafts and sweeteners when you open your account. Do check them out and find the best deal to suit you.

5) Use the Library

Again, sounds obvious but my second home is the library. I very rarely buy new books - they are expensive and the university has a cracking library for me to borrow books from. If I really love the book then I will go out and buy it. Using my NUS discount card of course!!

This post was brought to you in association with TSB current accounts. All words and views are my own.

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