Saturday, 26 September 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 23

I gained half a pound last week and this week I'm sort of back on track with a little bit lost

The Saturday weigh-in is good, first thing. Gets me up and about at the weekend. However, I'll be honest, because it is Saturday I have been looking at the weekends as "free and easy" - this means I have been getting weighed and then basically eating whatever I like Saturday and Sunday. And Monday this week. Frankly, I'm surprised I have lost weight. I am definitely sliding back in to old habits - the kids had a cheap pizza the other day and left some, and I mopped that up - just like I used to. This is BAD. It's not so much the food - I've not done any damage, but it's the psychology of it all that I have worked so hard to change.

So... this is me checking in here and having a word with myself!

I weight 10 stone 7 now. I have just bought 6 weeks of weigh-ins in one go. So in these 6 weeks I want to say bye-bye to that half a stone and be at my interim target of 10 stone. I'll then see if I want to change my goal weight.

The aim for this week is to go back to basics. Loads of fruit, veg. All the good stuff. I think I have not been eating enough lately - I've been eating some of the wrong foods and not filling up on the good things. I've done my meal planning and shopping already, so I am in "the zone."

I just need a push now, a kick up the wobbly bottom to get to the next stage in my operation wobbly bottom endeavour. I've done good, I'm not being too harsh on myself. But I need to work harder if I want to shift this last bit.

No one said it would be easy!!! Changing a lifetime of habits - ONWARDS!!

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  1. It's so hard with food in the house for kids isn't it! So please don't be hard on yourself! You have done so well. That 7lb will come off in no time! x


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